RSC software has been designed for simple experiments setup. The platform is designed with two windows. One allows the manual control of the tubes, the other one allows an automatic control of the tubes. The program window for controling automatically the tubes is very userfriendly and allows to assess different parameters such as the time duration, the speed control, the valve selection etc… Notice that it is not compulsory to use RSC software with the RSC-200.  Other software can be installed for controlling the instrument.

The RSC-200 instrument is delivered with a 32-bits Windows software. The software permits the following operations:

  • manual positioning of the head
  • manual opening of the valves
  • resting Vhold setting
  • edit and download of a sequence where the following parameters can be exchanged at each step:
    • duration of stay in the active position for a given tube number
    • speed of solution change (head rotation)
    • choice of electrovalves to be opened/motorized syringes to start (if applicable)
    • stimulation pulse level ( range: +/-10 V) (RSC-200 only)
    • TTL signal activation (4 lines of signal available)
    • triggering of other auxiliary instruments

Software compatibility of the RSC-200 V2.00 software was tested sucessfully with WindowsXP Pro 32-bits, Windows Vista Business 32-bits, and Windows7 64-bits with the following configuration:

  • USB to RS-232C converter (Belkin F5U103)
  • USB to GPIB converter (National Instruments GPIB-USB-HS – software driver V2.8)



Download RSC-200’s latest version

Size: 2 MB
Version: 2.00