MultyC is an intuitive software used for the control of MCS 10 system. It is a simple-to-use software compatible with windows XP, 7, 8 and 10.

The MultyC software is provided with the MCS 10 system for the control of the MCM 10 and the WTSH 10 units for running conductivity measurements.

Calibration protocol for conductivity cells

A cell calibration routine is available to automatically calculate the constant of the conductivity cell using a standard solution. Up to ten cells can be calibrated at the same time. The new cell constant can be stored automatically in an experiment setup.

Customized experimental setup

Experiment Setup including cell constants (for up to 10 cells) can be built and saved by a user. The Experiment Setup window also allows a custom ID to be entered for each channel.

Two temperature control modes

The MultyC software offers two ways to program the temperature map: Sequencer and cycler modes.
– Sequencer: the most flexible mode to program a custom linear temperature sweep.
– Cycler: It allows temperature ramp up and ramp down with a single temperature step value and temperature soak value

Data processing

MultyC allows data to be exported in csv and fra formats, which are compatible with EC-Lab and MT-Lab. Analyzing data in EC-Lab or MT-Lab allows the use of “ZFit”, a powerful data fitting tool.

  • Multi measurements
  • Temperature control
  • Cell calibration procedure
  • Exporting data to csv and fra formats



Download MultyC’s latest version

Size: 18 MB
Version: 3.00

mini-lockerMultyC version history

*.bin data files generated by the previous version of MultyC are not compatible with MultyC3.0 and vice versa.