Microscopic Image Rapid Analysis

MIRA stands for Microscopic Image Rapid Analysis.
It is an extremely powerful tool for the representation and the analysis of data obtained by any scanning probe microscopy technique.
It features an extensive range of 2D and 3D data representation tools for area scan data obtained with SECM .

It also allows the user to optimize the representation using post treatment operation such as flattening, spike removal, debluring/edge enhancement, data cutoff and so on.

Data analysis tools are also available such as statistics tools, 1D FFT, histogram generation…

Another exceptional feature is the possibility to fit approach curves obtained by SECM using a wide range of equations corresponding the conditions of the approach curve : with or w/o current offset, approach to a conductor or an insulator, Generation/Collection mode…

Such fitting gives access to parameters such as the actual probe to sample distance, the RG factor, the tip current in semi-infinite condition, the tip radius…MIRA was developed by Gunther Wittstock at the University of Oldenburg and is now compatible with data files obtained using Uniscan instruments : CV, area and line scans and approach curves.

A demo version is available. It only allows to use the software with the files provided with the software.

Any area maps : topography, local impedance, local electrochemical activity, local current…