Scanning Electrochemical Workstation Software

The Scanning Electrochemical Workstation software provides unique capabilities and interactivity in support of the Model 370 and Model 470 nanometre-resolution scanning probe microscopes. The software is designed with the user in mind:

  • To enhance data analysis, manipulation and interactivity.
  • To ease research by automating measurements and sequencing.

Over 40 discrete experiments provided throughout, each with their own individual variations such as:

  • Height-Tracking (above surface)
  • Surface-Tracking (on surface)
  • Step Scan
  • Sweep Scan
  • Pre-Delays, Line-Delays, Velocities, Step Sizes, Scan Dimensions, Signal Conditioning Parameters, Control Loop Parameters, Potentiostat Setting etc.


The Software provides both 64bit and 32bit WindowsTM support in a standard Multiple Document Interface (MDI) application that supports all standard WindowsTM features.

The Software is completely self-contained in a single application, and contains:

• Electrochemistry suite(EChem)
• Corrosion suite(ECorr)
• Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy(SECM)
• alternating-current Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy(ac-SECM)
• intermittent-contact Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy(ic-SECM)
• combined ic-ac Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy(ic-ac-SECM)
• Scanning Vibrating Electrode(SVET)
• Scanning Kelvin Probe(SKP)
• Capacitive Height Measurement/Tracking (CHM / CTM)
• Localised Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (LEIS)
• Scanning Droplet System / Cell (SDS / SDC)
• alternating-current Scanning Droplet System/ Cell (ac-SDS / ac-SDC)
• Non-contact Optical Surface Profiling (Laser based) (OSP)


  • Experiment Sequencing.
  • Multiple views of the same data presented in different formats or presentations.
  • User-definable presentations of the data through a simple template-design tool.
  • Fully programmable macro language for non-standard experiments.
  • Relieve sample topography in area maps using “Height Tracking” from any topography data source: CHM, CTM, OSP, constant current SECM and ic-SECM.
  • Direct real-time readout of displacement in x, y and z.
  • Surface maps acquired at up to 70,000 data points in each axis.
  • Simultaneous acquisition of multiple parameters at each point; 1 scan = many maps.
  • Up to 12 different area maps populated simultaneously in a single scan, with 4 additional maps reserved for users’ data analysis.
  • Application preferences for current convention.
  • Application preferences for graph visuals.

2D & 3D analysis tools


  • Delta-cursors
  • Horizontal or Vertical Cross-sections.
  • Overlays
  • Definable Filter: Low pass, high pass, order.
  • Low-pass filter
  • Interpolate in X and Y.
  • High-pass filter
  • Tilt-correction: based on user-selected region of map.
  • Moving-average
  • Curve-subtraction: based on user-selected region of map.
  • Least-squares fitting
  • Multiply/Divide by factor (eg. for calibration purposes.)
  • Peak detection & analysis
  • Add/Subtract values (eg. for calibration purposes.)
  • Remove/restore point
  • Add/Subtract other 3D maps.
  • Edit X or Y point
  • 2D and 3D Fourier: Power spectrum and Real/Imaginary.
  • Export data
  • Roughness parameters: Mean, peak, RMS, Skew, Kurtosis.
  • Export image
  • Edit point.
  • Export to clipboard or text file

3D map visual tools

  • Correct aspect-ratio display.
  • Change map title, axes titles, axes units, amplitude units to correspond with measurements/calibrations.
  • Change map axes lengths, scaling, colour palette, show/hide colour palette.
  • User-defined left-click and ctrl-left-click functionality: cross-section, edit point, Fourier, move to point, Aspect ratio display.
  • 3D map data analysis area: Preserve original data and use the scratch-pad analysis area to process data.
  • 3D map data format native to 3D IsoPlotTM for rendering and presentation.

Sequencer Features


  • Add any of over 40 experiments to the sequencer.
  • Combine experiments with logic statements such as: Loop, Delay, Move Absolute, Move Relative, Zero Position, intermittent-contact Approach.
  • Nested Loop: loops within loops.
  • Automated file naming and saving.
  • Easy to use user-interface allows complex experiments to be routinely compiled, run and re-run.

Automated Features

  • Any experiment or logic via the Sequencer
  • SECM approach curve surface detection, based on voltage, current, percent change or fixed value.
  • ac-SECM approach curve surface detection, as SECM, based on ac magnitude, phase, real or imaginary.
  • SECM approach curve step size reduction, based on voltage, current, percent change or fixed value..
  • ac-SECM approach curve step size reduction, as SECM, based on ac magnitude, phase, real or imaginary.
  • Intermittent-contact surface detection: through configuration, sequence entry or menu option.
  • CHM & CTM calibration.
  • OSP Calibration.
  • Automated demodulation setup for CHM, CTM, SKP, SVET.


  • EIS and LEIS (localised EIS) capable.
  • Frequency sweep, Chrono-EIS, Mott-Schottky experiments.
  • Localised frequency sweep, line scan and area mapping experiments.
  • EIS simulation and fitting of networks, encompassing the following fundamental elements: Resistor, Capacitor, Inductor, Warburg, Finite Length Warburg, Finite Space Warburg, Constant Phase Element, Bounded Constant Phase Element, Gerischer, Modified Gerischer, Cole-Cole, Davidson-Cole, Havriliak-Negami
  • Fitting performed by Levenberg-Marquardt non-linear curve fitting routine.
  • 168 default EIS networks with user-defined additions for both simulation and fitting possible.
  • Measure EIS/LEIS frequency sweep, then add separate simulation overlay and fitting overlays to complete the display.



Download M370’s latest version

Size: 49 MB
Version: 4.65

mini-locker Upgrade your M370 LEIS software / (for users of third party FRA) V3.44

Download M370-LEIS’s latest version

Size: 6.81 MB
Version: 3.44

mini-lockerM370 version history
The latest M370 software should be used with Windows 7/10.
If you are planning to upgrade your M370 control PC please contact us for advice.



Download M470’s latest version

Size: 100 MB
Version: 1.46

mini-lockerM470 version history



Download SECM150’s latest version

Size: 41.3 MB
Version: 1.02