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MT-Lab: Complete and powerful interface

MT-Lab is an intuitive software used for the control of MTZ-35 and for impedance data acquisition and analysis. The settings and the graph are displayed in one single window.

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Control of Temperature Control Units:

MT-Lab allows the control of many temperature control units:

  • High temperature furnace (HTF-1100)
  • Intermediate Temperature System (ITS)
  • Temperature control systems using Eurotherm 22xx and 35xx series controllers

External device control

Some materials experiments require impedance analyser to work with other instruments such as a furnace or a cryostat.

MT-Lab® has an advanced “External device configuration” menu that can be used to control and to record data from these separate instruments.

Open circuit / Short circuit Compensation

MT-Lab’s software is provided with a compensation protocol for the compensation of residual impedance due to cell cables and test fixtures.


Temperature management

Temperature Control management

Five control temperature modes are available with MT-Lab. The software offers a wide range of heating rates and two temperature stabilization modes (fast and precise) based on closed-loop temperature regulation. Temperature control is optimized. Setpoint temperatures are reachable and adjustable without overshoot.


MT-Lab® graphics

A complete graphic package

MT-Lab® is a very easy to use software. The setting and the graph are displayable on one screen view. The software includes numerous graphic tools and advanced tools for equivalent circuit modeling (Z Fit). Users can build their own circuit model using a range of 13 electrical elements (R,C,L, Q, La, W, Wd,M,Ma,Mg, G,Ga).

  • Controls MTZ-35
  • Controls HTF-1100 furnace
  • Controls external devices using Eurotherm 22xx  & 35xx temperature controllers
  • Cables and sample holder compensation procedure
  • Data representation (2D, 3D)
  • Equivalents circuits modeling using ZFit

MT-Lab demo/freeware version v1.12



Download MT-LAB’s latest version

Size: 15.5 MB
Version: 1.21

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