Fuel cell monitoring software

With an easy-to-use interface, this software enables control of the fuel gas supply and of the electronic load on separate tabs.

Gases and water level are monitored and controlled in the software on a specific “Cell & Gas” window while electrochemical techniques are set in separate “Load” tab. A specific “Water” button is added on the main FC-Lab window to manage water.  The FC-Lab software function ensures water regulation at a constant level.

FC-Lab software has evolved into an easy-to-use package with unique features and advanced functions. On the load tab, linked technique experiments with 100 sequences can be created quickly. Using the selector on the left side of the screen, the user can switch quickly from one technique to the other.  When the experiment is launched, the instrument is also a complete autonomous station thanks to its operating system.

Parameters can be modified on the fly. Data are continuously downloaded from the instrument to the computer. If the computer suffers a disconnection with the instrument, data continues to be collected to the on-board buffers (they can hold 50,000 data points). Data is then forwarded when the connection is re-established.

FC-Lab file format is compatible with EC-Lab® software offering the possibility to analyze data with the powerful tools of EC-Lab® software.

(linear fit, integral, EIS data fitting…).

Safety features

Both hardware security in the FCT testers and software security in FC-Lab software are implemented for safe experiments. In the instrument an automatic shutdown with switch to N2 purge is done in case of under voltage, over current, over temperature, loss of pressure supplied. An external alarm can be connected and an emergency stop button is available on the front panel. Software securities can be configured for each controlled variable (flow, temperature, pressure, water and load) both on the anodic and cathodic sides.

Gas control and display

  • Temperatures, Pressures, Flows
  • Water level control
  • Independent for each cell and each gas


  • Current Density Display
  • On the fly Parameter change
  • Multi Variable Graphic
  • Display

Load control

  • Galvanostatic/Galvanodynamic
  • Potentiostatic/Potentiodynamic
  • Power/Resistance


  • Open Circuit Voltage
  • Voltage Pulse/Current Pulse
  • Voltage Scan/Current Scan
  • Potentio EIS /Galvano EIS
  • Constant Load Discharge
  • Constant Power Discharge
  • Loop
  • single PEMFC testing
  • Small PEMFC stack testing



Download FC-LAB’s latest version

Size: 57.2 MB
Version: 5.22

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