EC-Lab® software

A comprehensive modular and powerful software

EC-Lab® is a common platform for controlling all Bio-Logic potentiostats / galvanostats , be it single channel or multichannel systems and across all our hardware technologies. EC-Lab® software is a multi-device software able to control several potentiostats from a single interface view. The firmware of the instrument is loaded at interface launch, and hardware control is completely autonomous while the experiment is running.

Versatile interface

EC-Lab® enables the user to define a personalized profile to retain favourite settings for screen representations and tool bars. The software allows for remote access to an instrument on a network. When used as a multichannel system, several channels of the unit can be synchronized, grouped or stacked.

EC-Lab® can execute a series of different modular techniques with wait and loop options added to create complex experimental chain. Within many techniques, the user can create up to 100 unique sequences. Adding or removing sequences and linking techniques can be done easily with “+” and “-“ buttons. The resulting experiment can be saved as a “Custom application” for ease of reusing.


To get the data of interest, a complete suite of analysis tools such EIS data modeling, CV data fit,… is embedded in EC-Lab® software.

Channel Synchronization

When used as a multichannel system, several channels of the unit can be synchronized or grouped

Setting management

Upon selecting a technique, the corresponding parameter settings are shown as a series of boxes representing the building blocks of the experiment. Most of the parameters in the blocks can be modified during a run and these modifications are then saved in the log and data file. Two additional tabs allow the user to define cell characteristics and more advanced parameters.

Experiment and safety limits

Several experiment limit parameters are available to control the experiment process and/ or protect the electrochemical cell. These limits can either be set for all the experiments in a series or for individual techniques. The experiment can also be setup to terminate or skip to the next sequence on a limit value coming from an external device such as a temperature probe.

External device coupling

EC-Lab® has an advanced external device configuration menu that can be configured to control and record data from a separate instrument, such as a QCM, a RRDE or a thermostatic chamber.


EC-Lab® is compatible with Windows® 10, 8, 7 and XP


  • Free software upgrade for users
  • Supports all the instruments in our range
  • Buffer management for safe data transfer. Ethernet supported
  • Support for Multiple Users on multichannel systems.
  • Modify on the fly

Electrochemical techniques & analysis

  • Dedicated techniques
  • Powerful experiment builder
  • Settings management
  • Experiment and safety limits
  • External device coupling (RDE, RRDE, spectro-electrochemistry, e-QCM, …)
  • Measure of the voltage & impedance of the counter electrode.
  • Control and analysis software. All in one interface.
  • Multi-electrode measurement (CE-to-ground mode)

Additional features

  • Software calibration
  • Recognizes automatically options such as current/voltage boosters, low current, analog option (ARG option).

Voltammetric techniques: OCV, Cyclic Voltammetry, Cyclic Voltammetry Advanced, Chrono-Amperometry, Chrono-Potentiometry, Staircase Voltammetry, Large Amplitude Sinusoidal Voltammetry, AC Voltammetry
Impedance spectroscopy: Galvano-EIS, Potentio-EIS, Staircase GEIS, Staircase PEIS (Mott-Schottky), PEIS with a limit
Pulsed techniques: Differential Pulsed Voltammetry, Square Wave Voltammetry, Differential Pulse Amperometry, Differential Normal Pulse Voltammetry, Normal Pulse Voltammetry
Technique builder Modular: Potentio/Galvano, Loop, Trigger in/out, Wait, external device control, send an email, open an external application.
Ohmic drop determination: Manual IR, ZIR, Current Interrupt
Bipotentiostat: CV-CA, CP-CA, CA-CA
Batteries: Galvanostatic with Cycling with Potential Limitations (7 types depending on the required limitations), PotentioDynamic Cycling with Galvanostatic Acceleration, Capacity Determination (BCD), Constant Load, Constant Power, Alternate Pulse Galvano Cycling, Urban cycle simulation, ModuloBat
Supercapacitors: Cyclic Voltammetry, Constant Voltage, Constant Current, Current Scan
Photovoltaic/fuel cells: I-V characterization, Constant Load, Constant Power
Corrosion: Linear and Cyclic Polarization, Generalized Corrosion, Pitting, ZRA, ZVC, Corrosimetry, VASP, CASP

Stack measurement with all techniques

Check our app note to see what we can do for you.

EC-Lab demo/freeware v11.30


Download EC-LAB’s latest version

Size: 68,9 MB
Version: 11.32

mini-lockerEc-lab version history



  • We recommend to upgrade the instruments with the cell cables connected to the dummy cells or with the leads shortcut.
  • If you have some problems with software download (especially with IE browser), please download (save) the software first, then open it and launch it directly from the download folder.
  • Compatible with Windows XP© (SP3), 7, 8 (32 or 64 bits), 10 (32 or 64 bits).
  • The instruments VMP1 & MPG1, EPP-400, EPP-4000 & Bistat are not supported by the latest version. Please use the V10.37
  • For first VMP2 units with a limited board memory – until S/N 0060. Please use the V10.12
  • This version is installed in two different folders due to administration authorization. the installation has to be done by the administrator. A part of the program is installed in “Program files” where only the administrator of the computer can write while the other part is installed in the “Documents” folder of the Windows session user. if several users access the computer this second part has to be duplicated in every Windows users sessions in the same “documents” folder.
  • The setup program installs the PDF files into the “./Manual” folder (“.” being the directory where the EC-Lab has been installed). Then the manual can be opened directly or with EC-Lab through the menu : “?, Manual”.


  • If the version previously installed was V8.00 or higher, you will be prompted for a fast and automatic firmware upgrade when establishing the first connection to the instrument. This firmware upgrade will be using the Ethernet connection only and thus you will not need the serial connection. If the version previously installed was V7.01 or lower, you will need to install a new firmware (included in EC-Lab full version with manuals & Tera Term Pro download) using a serial communication. See the latest VMP or VMP2 or MPG user’s manual for firmware installation.