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EC-Lab analysis package: A comprehensive graphic package

EC-Lab’s graphic package is embedded with the software and includes a powerful tool to create unique graph templates. This package offers a unique trace filtering option by channel or technique. This results in a multigraph windows capable of up to 64 graphs displayed on a single window.

With the advanced graph properties, the user can add new variables for each axis. This enables mathematical operations to be performed on data plotted on any axis. Powerful analysis tools (such as peak find/ height, convection wave, integral, Tafel fit, Rp determination) are available in EC-Lab®.

These analyses incorporate classical fit routines (linear, circular) and algorithms. All the analysis results are stored in a separate file preserving the integrity of the raw data file.

EIS data modeling

EC-Lab’s EIS modeling package utilizes the equivalent circuit approach. There are over 150 standard circuits and two minimization algorithms available for use in understanding impedance plot information. The user can define and build his own circuit model using a range of thirteen simple elements (R, C, L, La, Q, W, G, Ga, Gb, Wd, M, Ma, Mg). A batch processing feature allows fitting of multiple cycles in an impedance experiment.

CV data analysis

An advanced simulator and fitting tool for voltammetric curves is included for consideration of both electrochemical and chemical reactions.


  • Line, Fit, Circle Fit, Integral, Min/Max determination, Filtering, Fourier Transform, Linear interpolation, Polynomial Fit, MultiExponential Sim/Fit.


  • Peak Analysis, Wave Analysis, CV Sim,


  • Rp Fit, Tafel Fit, Electrochemical noise, Corr Sim, VASP Fit, CASP Fit


  • Z Fit, Z Sim, Mott-Schottky, Kramers-Kronig


  • Capacity and Energy per cycle
  • Process data

Photovoltaic analysis