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Acquisition and analysis of signals produced by our optical systems is carried out using the Bio-Kine32 software. Bio-Kine32 has been designed to complement our SFM instruments and drive the Bio-Logic spectrometers in the addition to our mixing devices.
Bio-Kine32 operates under the latest version of Windows environment (Xp, Vista, Win7-32, Win7-64, Win 8, Win 10). It uses an A/D board from National Instruments, probably the best industrial standard in data acquisition systems.


The Bio-Kine32 software is designed to control the following optical systems:

• MOS-500 spectropolarimeter
• MOS-200/M
• MOS-200
• MOS-450/AF & /AF-CD
• MOS-DA diode array
• Jasco CD spectrometers
• Accessories such as:
* Peltier cells
* multi cell peltier
* Acquisition of any other analog signal (-10/+10V)
It also provides a direct bridge to the Stopped-Flow driver software and accessories.
The Bio-Kine32 software can control these instruments and acquire data for transient kinetics, spectral scans, act as a virtual chart recorder and control external devices.
The use of similar controls for all modes makes Bio-Kine32 easy to use and eliminates the hassles of learning multiple programs for different types of experiments.

Transient Recorder

The Transient Recorder is similar to a digital oscilloscope.


Up four data channels of 16000 points each can be acquired and displayed simultaneously. Sampling rates from 10 µs/point (20kHz) to 100 s/point (0.1 Hz) can be used. Both linear and logarithmic sampling is available through the use of up to three times bases. Data can be acquired in two different spectroscopic modes simultaneously (Volt, Transmittance, Absorbance, CD or Anisotropy).


Scanning Spectrophotometer

The Scanning Spectrometer is used to control one or two monochromators to perform spectral scans.
Bio-Kine32 is capable of making spectral acquisitions in the same spectroscopic modes that are available for transient kinetics. In conjunction with the appropriate spectrometer system, Bio-Kine32 can act as a full feature absorbance, fluorescence or CD spectrometer.


Global mode:

the global mode allow a 3 D spectral reconstruction.
This mode is available only with motorized monochromators spectrometer such as MOS-200/M or MOS-500.
A kinetic is performed at different wavelength, and 3 D graph is computed: signals vs time vs wavelength.

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If you have some problems with software download (especially with IE browser), please download (save) the software first, then open it and launch it directly from the download folder.
This version requires Windows2000, WindowsXP, Windows Vista , Windows 7 (32 or 64 bits), Windows 8 (32 or 64 bits) or Window 10 (32 or 64 bits) and the NI-DAQmx drivers supplied with either the PCI-6052E or the PCI-6221 or PCIe-6321 from NI.

If you are using a computer with Windows95, Windows98, WindowsME, WindowsNT and a PCI-6052E acquisition board, please download Bio-Kine V4.44 (6354.97 KB).


Bio-Kine32 is a Windows 32-bit software designed to acquire data using the PCI-6221 or the PCI-6052E from National Instruments. A regular PCI slot is needed to install the plug-and-play board.
Note: the use of NIDAQmx drivers requires at least 8.0 version or higher.

Bio-Kine compatibilities

A/D board OS Driver Bio-Kine version
NI PCI-6221 Vista, 7, 7 64 bits NI DAQmx Version 9.1.1 and higher Bio-Kine32 V4.60 and higher
Windows 2000, XP NI DAQmx Version 8.0 and higher Bio-Kine32 V4.45 and higher
NI PCI-6052E Vista, 7, 7 64 bits NI DAQmx Version 9.1.1 and higher Bio-Kine32 V4.60 and higher
Windows 2000, XP NI DAQmx Version 8.0 and higher Bio-Kine32 V4.45 and higher
Win95, 98, ME NI DAQ traditional up to Bio-Kine32 V4.44
DT-2801(A) Win95, 98, ME DT-OPEN Layer Driver Bio-Kine16 V3.30

MPS-70 firmware

MPS-70 is driven by Bio-Kine32 software. MPS-70 uses USB communication and require up to date firmware to operate properly. Download the firmware v 1.6.
Firmware v 1.6 is embedded with MPS-70 leaving factory from April 2015


Originally named Bio-Kine, this Windows 16-bit software was designed to acquire data using the DT-2801(A) A/D board from DataTranslation.

This board is using 12 bits A/D converters and thus the dynamic of the acquired signals is limited. Furthermore, the DT-2801(A) board uses the old ISA PC bus standard which is impossible to find on modern computers.

This board was first replaced by an A/D board of modern design with 16-bit fast converters : the PCI-6052E from National Instruments. As no Windows 16-bit driver was available for this board, Bio-Kine16 was converted to 32-bit.

Note : As no Windows 32-bit driver is available for the DT-2801(A) board, there is no support for this board.

Operating System Bio-Kine16/MPS
Windows95 Full
Windows98 Full
WindowsME Full
WindowsNT Analysis only
Windows2000 Analysis only
WindowsXP (pro & home) Not tested

Upgrade from Bio-Kine16 to Bio-Kine32 (hardware compatibilities)

Since mid-2001, all instruments are shipped with Bio-Kine32 & PCI-6221/PCI-6052E board instead of Bio-Kine16 & DT2801A.

To upgrade an existing setup from Bio-Kine16 to Bio-Kine32, you need :

  • Bio-Kine32 (free for registered users – on the Web)
  • the new PCI-6221 A/D board and the 2-meter cable (Bio-Logic ref for both: 083-11)


  • Users of 9-BNC box (MOS-200…) will need a new “Connection box for PCI-6221” (Bio-Logic ref : 083-21)
  • Users of MOS-250 will need a “MOS-250 to MOS-250+ upgrade” (Bio-Logic ref : 049-09/1)
Compatibility of instruments shipped before mid-2001
Optical device Bio-Kine16 Bio-Kine32
MOS-200 YES with board & adaptor
MOS-400 YES with board & adaptor
MOS-250 YES with board & adaptor
Diode arrays NO YES