Applications: Rapid Kinetics
  • Single mixing quench-flow application (= one mixing before quenching step)
  • 4 ms dead time
  • 10 µl of sample per experiment
  • Full recovery of sample
  • One delay line for full ageing time range
  • Easy operation
  • No calibration
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    Microvolume quench flow

    Quench flow is the method for tracking kinetics of non-optically active solutions.

    Typically two reagents are mixed, the mixture flows through a delay line at a defined flow rate to be aged and finally the reaction is stopped with a quencher.

    QFM-4000 has been designed for working with microvolumes solutions as low as 10 µL and minimum manipulation. For example the instrument uses one single delay line of 3 µL and ageing times covered with this line ranges 3-4 ms to few seconds without rearrangement!