Applications: Spectroscopy
  • Detection mode: absorbance and transmittance
  • 256 to 1024 pixels
  • Acquisition rate: 400 µs/spectrum
  • Linear range from 0 to 2 AU
  • Wavelength range: 190-1100 nm (depends on model selected)
  • Noise: better than 1x 10-4 AU (single scan)
  • Fiber optics connection to stopped-flow
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High speed diode array for spectral time resolved acquisition

The Photodiode array the perfect detector for time resolved spectrum measurements. This spectrometer is intensively used for capturing intermediate of reactions in rapid kinetics.

Many models are available to cover researcher needs. Our MOS-DAD are the fastest and most sensitive instruments you can find on the market.

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  • MOS-500

    Detection mode: Circular Dichroism, Absorbance, fluorescence, anisotropy, LD, FD/CD
    163-950 nm ( up to 1250 optional)
    Dual light source
    Nitrogen purge only < 195 nm Double grating monochromator +/- 0.1 nm wavelength accuracy Temperature control

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  • MOS-200 & MOS-200M

    Detection mode: Absorbance, fluorescence, 90° light scattering
    Single or Dual light source
    Manual or motorized monochromator
    Acquisition rate: 10 µs/point
    Photomultiplier detector

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