Applications: Rapid Kinetics
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  • Detection mode: conductivity
  • Conductivity range: 1 to 500 μ
  • Accuracy: 1%
  • Electrical cell constant: 6.4 cm
  • Light path: 2 mm
  • Fastest acquisition time: 200 μs
  • Minimum dead time: 3 ms
  • Electrode material: gold (Ø 1.6 mm)
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    Conductivity detection can be an alternative to standard optical detection technique. Changes in the solution’s conductance in the course of a chemical reaction can be induced either by a change in the concentration of positively or negatively charged ions or molecules or by a change of their mobility inside the solution.

    MCS-200 is based on Fast-Fourier-Transform (FFT) Impedance Spectroscopy.
    The instrument allows recording steady state impedance spectra of the sample in a frequency range of 10 Hz to 200 kHz, and measuring rapid kinetics with a time resolution of 200 μs per data point. Resistance, conductance and specific conductance are measured in real time with a 3 ms dead time.

    The conductimetric cuvette is a customized FC-20 cuvette with 1.6 mm diameter gold electrodes (glassy carbon electrodes available on request) built in to the cuvette walls. Simultaneous absorbance measurements are possible.

    Cyclic voltammetry technique is available for efficient electrode cleaning.


    Main applications include:
    ● (in)organic reduction/oxidation,
    ● Proton exchange,
    ● Metal ligand complexation,
    ● Micelles formation from surfactants,
    ● Ion exchange.
    MCS-200 includes:
    ● Dedicated observation head with ground connection,
    ● Conductivity cell ,
    ● Control unit equipped with impedance board and low current capabilities,
    ● Hard-stop,
    ● Special Bio-Kine software version
    (for impedance measurements, Nyquist representation included).

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