Combining the highest performance and best prices

For many years Bio-Logic has led the industry in providing the highest quality and best performing rapid kinetics systems. We are now taking the lead in providing the same quality and performance, at prices that are incredibly competitive for today’s user.

We have assembled packages containing our most popular combinations of stopped flow mixers and optical systems, and set package prices that are significantly lower than the total component prices.
The stopped flow and optical systems are identical to those available separately and are completely compatible with all of the same options and accessories.

The package systems, combined stopped flow spectrometer, allow you to greatly increase your range of applications for a system and stay within your budget.
For example, you could order an SFM-3000/S and MOS-200separately. Or, for a slightly lower total price, you can now get the SFM-3000/S + MOS-200 package, and add the freeze quench accessory, and also add the quench flow upgrade for the SFM-3000.

If you are planning to get a system in the near future, contact us now for a current quote including one of these packages and the options or accessories important for your applications.