• High current system: ±80 A
  • Voltage range: ±3 V @ ±80 A and ±4 V @ ±40 A
  • EIS capability from 10 μHz to 10 kHz
  • up to 1 MHz without booster
  • Control software: EC-Lab®
  • Disconnectable current booster to use the system as a research grade potentiostat/galvanostat
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    80 A for supercapacitors and fuel cells

    The HCP-803 is a high current potentiostat capable of producing 80 A with a voltage range of ±3 V.

    It is primarily designed for applications in the fuel cell and supercapacitor areas.

    It is a combination of a research quality potentiostat and an 80 A booster built into the same chassis.

    The potentiostat has the same specifications as the VMP3 potentiostat boards (with EIS option) when not connected to the booster portion of the unit.

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    • VMP-300

      Channel: bipot/multi
      Min current dynamic: +/-100 pA
      Min with LC/ULC option: +/-100 fA
      Max current dynamic: +/-500 mA
      Max with current booster option: +/-150 A
      Voltage range: -10 V to +10 V
      with option: -48 V to +48 V
      EIS: up to 7 MHz

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