• Actinic LED Dual ring 630/720 nm
  • Light intensity range: 0 to 5000 µE
  • Two large area detectors with high speed photodiodes
  • 18-bit ADC resolution
  • 100 ns system event timing resolution
  • Smart-Lamp: 470nm, 517nm, 546nm, 554 nm, 563 nm, 574 nm, 705 and 740 nm
  • Synchronization for ultra-fast source like lasers and flash lamps
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    Complete, Simultaneous Photosynthetic Characterization

    The JTS-150 brings the power of fast kinetics studies using multiple wavelengths with intensity control into a single experiment. With the JTS-150 and Smart-Lamp you can use a single experiment setup and collect data using up to nine wavelengths in real time on a microsecond time scale.  Perfect time correlation from a single sample allows you to view multi-center reactions in parallel or in sequence. The JTS-150 makes it possible to monitor every photosynthetic reaction in a sample with one setup.  In continuous mode data can be collected at a sub-microsecond rate for viewing faster reactions.

    Absorbance and Fluorescence pump-probe spectrometer

    The JTS-150 measures absorbance or fluorescence using combinations of detection LEDs and optical emitters.  Pulsed LED measurements (Joliot-type) can be acquired at 10 microseconds between samples (100  kHz).  Continuous measurements (not pulsed LEDs) can be acquired at 100 nanoseconds between samples (10 MHz).

    The JTS-150  has  all applications and controls built in and is controlled from a web browser connected via local Ethernet allowing the instrument to be controlled from a PC, Mac or even a Linux based system either directly connected or remotely via the network connection.  This software architecture allows a sequencing interface that simplifies sequence design and data collection/analysis for researchers without years of experience and a full opto-electronic suite.

    Smart-lamp for multi wavelength experiments

    With the newly designed Smart-Lamp, you can measure any combination of the following in a single experiment: P700 at 705nm, Plastocyanin at 574nm and 735nm, Electrochromic shift at 520nm corrected at 546nm, Cytochrome b6f at 554nm and 563nm with baseline corrections at 546nm and 574nm, and Fluorescence with or without the flashprobe at 470nm to measure Primary Fluorescence parameters (Fo, Fm, Fv, Fp, Fv’, Fq’, Fm’, F’, Fm) and Calculated Fluorescence parameters (qE , qI, qL, qP, NPQ, max PSII photochemistry, PSII operating efficiency, PSII max efficiency, PSII efficiency factor or QA), OJIP, Fluorescence induction kinetics.  The smartLED array enables the observation of interactions between any of the photosynthetic parameters measured by the JTS-10/100 without the need for complicated experimental setups, in a single run, typically without any need for averaging.

    Now you can obtain powerful insights into the regulation of linear, cyclic and alternative electron flows and the status of P700, the transmembrane potential, and fluorescence status and more simultaneously.