• sensitivity: 10-5 OD with OD ranging from 0 to 2
  • time resolution: 10 µs
  • Integrated array of actinic led
  • Interchangeable sample holders
  • eukaryote kit for P515 application in absorbance and fluorescence applications
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    The JTS-100: a kinetic spectrometer for complete characterization of Photosynthesis, both linear and cyclic electron flow

    The JTS-100 is a kinetic spectrometer designed for measuring electron transfers in vivo. The optical bench maximizes measurement of small signals even within stongly scattering samples such as leaves or cell suspensions. Actinic sources excite Photosystem II and Photosystem I together, or selectively excite Photosystem I.

    The JTS-100 measures absorbance or fluorescence using combinations of detection LEDs and optical lters. Pulsed LED measurements (Joliot-type) can be acquired at 10 microseconds between samples (100 kHz). Continuous measurements (no pulsed LEDs) can be acquired at 100 nanoseconds between samples (10 MHz). The JTS-100 is designed for flexibility and custom assay development. Controller hardware and software support the addition of new LEDs and filters. Additionally, a web app controls the hardware and no dedicated computer is required. Any web browser within the local network can control the JTS-100 or review data.

    With the current accessories, you can measure the following photosynthetic parameters: P700+ (at 705 nm, at 810 nm, and at 880 nm), Electrochromic shift (ECS, ECSt, DY, DpH), Plasto-cyanin, cytochrome b6, cytochrome f, Linear electron flow (LEF) Cyclic electron flow (CEF),Primary Fluorescence parameters (Fo, Fm, Fv, Fp, Fv’, Fq’, Fm’, F’, Fm) and Calculated Fluorescence parameters (qE , qI, qL, qP, NPQ, max. PSII photochemistry, PSII operating efficiency, PSII max. efficiency, PSII efficiency factor or QA), OJIP, Fluorescence induction kinetics.