• Up to 16 independent channels
  • Compliance: ±12 V up to ±49 V with booster
  • Control voltage: ±10 V up to ±48 V with booster
  • Potential resolution: 1 µV
  • EIS measurement: 10 μHz – 3 MHz (1%, 1°), 10 μHz – 7 MHz (3%, 3°)
  • EIS quality indicators
  • Current ranges: 1 A to 10 nA (standard)
  • Maximum current: ±500 mA (standard)
  • Up to 150 A with boosters in parallel
  • Current resolution: 760 fA (standard)
  • Low current: 6 ranges from 100 nA to 1 pA with resolution to 76 aA
  • Floating mode
  • Analog filtering
  • Calibration board
  • Full stability control mode (9 bandwidths)
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Ultimate multichannel potentiostat

The VMP-300 is the most modular chassis of the range, offering 16 slots for potentiostats/ galvanostats/EIS boards and/or booster boards.

They can be combined according to the user needs either to reach high currents, or to drive many measurements at the same time on all channels.

EIS measurements can be added as an option. The built-in EIS has a wide frequency range up to 7 MHz.

Low current sensitivity can be improved using the Ultra Low Current option.

All multichannel potentiostat are multiple user system. Thanks to the Ethernet LAN connection capability, several computers can be connected to the unit at the same time.

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