• 0 V to 10 V Range
  • Control resolution: 150 µV
  • Resolution measurement: 40 µV (18 bit)
  • Accuracy: < ±0.3 mV ±0.01% of setting
  • Slew rate: 150 kV/s



  • ±1.5 A Max (continuous) per channel
  • 5 ranges from 1 A down to 0.1 mA
  • Control resolution: down to 8 nA
  • Measurement resolution: down to 2 nA (18 bit)
  • Accuracy: < 0.05% of setting ±0.01% of FSR



  • Optional on each module (multiplexed across 8 channels)
  • 10 kHz – 10 mHz Range
  • Up to 2.5 V amplitude (5 V peak-to-peak)
  • Up to 600 mA amplitude (1.2 A peak-to-peak)



  • 2 ms Acquisition time
  • 2 ms Time base
  • 1 (18 bit) on each module Analog in
  • 1 (16 bit) on each module Analog out


Cell connection

  • 4 terminal leads + Guard



  • 2U Height
  • 10 kg Weight
  • 220 W Power consumption
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    Powerful and flexible equipment for battery cycling with EIS capability

    With a maximum current of ±1.5 Amps per channel, the BCS-810 is the mid-sized unit in the new line of advanced battery cyclers from Bio-Logic.

    Like the other models of the BCS-8xx series, the BCS-810 has 8 independent channels with optional EIS capability in the frequency range of 10 kHz – 10 mHz. The BCS-810 modules are Plug and Play, making  for easy installation and upgrade in a standard 19 inch cabinet format.

    The BCS-810 battery cycler has a voltage range of 0 – 10 V with 40 µV (18 bit) resolution.  Five current ranges between 1 A – 100 µA yield excellent resolution down to 2 nA (18 bit). Every BCS-810 module is equipped with a dedicated K-type thermocouple input on each channel to allow for temperature measurement on each cell.

    BCS-810 modules can be installed and mixed with other BCS-8xx models in dedicated cabinets.

    All BCS-8xx series instruments are controlled by our BT-Lab software – a powerful software suite based on our industry leading EC-Lab software. In BT-Lab, all of the main battery parameters are automatically processed and displayed on-line in real time.  Up to 128 channels can be controlled by a single Communication Module, with expansion to larger systems as simple and easy as plugging in RJ45 cables.

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