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Analog Ramp Generator

The Analog Ramp Generator (ARG) is an optional module. It is automatically detected and provides an analog voltage scan up to 1 MV/s with an acquisition time down to 1 μs.

This option ARG is only compatible with VMP-300 instruments and doesn’t take any slot in the potentiostat/galvanostat chassis.


Analog ramp generator


  • Compatible with VMP-300 instruments
  • Scan ranges: 1 V/s, 100 V/s, 10 kV/s, 1 MV/s
  • Scan resolution: 0.0015% FSR* (down to 15 uV/s)
  • Voltage range: +/-10 V
  • Accuracy: <+/-0.1 % of range
  • Number of cycles: 1 to 65535

*FSR: Full Scale Range