CD-LAB  Kinetics & Spectroscopy

The CD-Lab division is the historical division of Bio-Logic. It covers the design, development and manufacturing of systems dedicated to rapid kinetics and spectroscopy instrumentation. Our Rapid Kinetics instrumentation is mainly based on our third generation of stopped-flow mixers SFM-2000/3000/4000. It offers ultra-short dead time, small volume operation and modularity so the stopped-flow can be used with a very large range of detectors. QFM-4000 is the worldwide reference for micro-volume quench-flow applications.

Our spectroscopy product range includes optimized  spectrometers developped for rapid kinetics measurements (MOS-200, MOS-200/M and MOS-DAD) and MOS-500 a world-class circular dichroism steady state spectrometer. The innovative and patented design of MOS-500 delivers outstanding performance in wavelength range, sensitivity, precision and speed. Thanks to its modular design MOS-500 is much more than a CD spectropolarimeter as it offers multiple detection modes in standard.

CD-Lab division also includes the unique JTS-10 pump-probe spectrometer for photosynthesis studies, and a Rapid Solution Changer (RSC-200) for electrophysiology applications.

An extensive range of accessories have also been designed to complement these instruments.