Category: Software version release

EC-Lab® software V11.10

Download the new version of EC-Lab software   (On the web January 26, 2017)

BT-Lab® software V1.5x

Download the new version of BT-Lab software   (On the web February 24, 2017)

EC-Lab software V11.02

(On the web July 8, 2016)

New M370 and M470 software versions

Now compatible with Windows 10 (on the web July 5, 2016)

MT-Lab software V1.20

(On the web July 1, 2016)

BT-Lab® software V1.32

(On the web June 21, 2016)

M470 software V1.25

(On the web March 17, 2016)

EC-Lab® OEM Development package V5.38

(On the web January 11, 2016)

Windows 10 compatible

Bio-kine V4.74 is now compatible with Windows 10

Windows 10 compatible

EC-Lab® V10.44 is compatible with Windows® 10.

M470 software V1.21

(On the web October 12, 2015)

MT-Lab® software V1.13

(On the web September 30, 2015)

EC-Lab® V10.44

(On the web September 08, 2015)

MIRA software update

(On the web September 07, 2015)