Rapid Kinetics

Outstanding performance and unsurpassed flexibility make the SFM-2000/3000/4000 family the benchmark for rapid kinetics mixers for today’s laboratory. Application notes are available to demonstrate the performance of Bio-Logic stopped-flow mixers and their ability to cover a wide range of kinetics applications.


AN#15 – SFM-2000 series – Submicrosecond dead time determination
AN#16 – SFM-2000 series – High precision volume delivery
AN#17 – SFM-2000 series – Precise control of flow rate
AN#18 – SFM-2000 series – High precision mixing ratios
AN#19 – SFM-2000 series – Automatic concentration dependance studies
AN#20 – SFM-2000 series – Wide temperature range control
AN#21 – SFM-2000 series – Double mixing stopped-flow using interrupted flow method
AN#25 – SFM-2000 series – Stopped-flow in cryogenic conditions
AN#25b – SFM-2000 series – Stopped-flow in cryogenic conditions using an external cryostat
AN#27 – μSFM – Getting the most from a 50 μl stock of sample using the μSFM for refolding experiments

Related instruments

  • Combined Stopped flow/spectrometer

    Combined Stopped flow/spectrometer

    Combining the highest performance and best prices

    We have assembled packages containing our most popular combinations of stopped flow mixers and optical systems,

    We have assembled packages containing our most popular combinations of stopped flow mixers and optical systems.

  • MCS-200


    Conductivity detector with Impedance Spectroscopy capability

    MCS-200 is based on Fast-Fourier-Transform (FFT) Impedance Spectroscopy.

    Detection mode : conductivity
    Conductivity range : 1 to 500µS.cm-1
    Cell constant: 6.4 cm-1
    Acquisition rate: 200 µs/point

  • QFM-4000


    Quench-flow Mixer for microvolume operations and single mixing operations

    QFM-4000 has been designed for working with microvolumes solutions as low as 10 µL and minimum manipulation.

    Single mixing (+quench)
    10 µl sample per experiment
    4 ms dead time
    One single delay line

  • SFM 2000/3000/4000

    SFM 2000/3000/4000

    High performance stopped-flow system to address all the rapid kinetics application from single mixing to triple mixing

    The choice for modularity, performance and sample economy.

    Single to triple mixing
    Independent syringes
    Mixing ratio 1:1 to 1:100
    200 µs dead time
    Choice of 10 cuvettes model
    -20 °C to +85 °C

  • µSFM


    Micro-volume stopped-flow to address single mixing applications.

    Ideal for precious samples.

    The ultimate choice for sample economy. Series of experiments are possible with only 50 µl of sample and without compromising on sensitivity

    Micro-volume operation
    2 independent syringes
    Single mixing applications
    Down to 3 µl per shot
    Mixing ratio range 1 :1 to 1 :9
    1 ms dead time