JTS-10 is an LED pump probe spectrometer designed for studying electron transfer in the photosynthesis chain. JTS-10 is modular so different LEDs can be plugged in and detection kits can be installed easily to match to your application. A range of sample holders are available for suspensions or leaves. A large range of applications can be covered, e.g. NPQ, OJIP, carotenoid band shift, P700 studies, cyclic and linear electron flow, cytochrome b, cytochrome f and cytochrome b6f, transthylakoid pH variations.


AN#1 – The advantages of using green light to follow fluorescence changes.
AN#2 – Cyclic and linear eletron flow in plants revealed by JTS-10 spectrometer.
AN#3 – Cyclic electron flow in C3 plants

Local electrochemistry
AN#15 – Introduction to the USB-PIO: measuring the effect of light on a live leaf

Related instruments

  • JTS-150


    Spectrometer for in-vivo photosynthesis studies

    The JTS-150 is a LED pump-probe spectrometer designed for electron transfer studies in photosynthetic organisms via fluorescence and absorbance changes.

    Detection modes : absorbance, fluorescence
    Acquisition rate: 10 µs/point
    Sample holder for leaf, suspensions
    Detection kits