Related instruments

  • MOS-200 & MOS-200M

    MOS-200 & MOS-200M

    Optical systems optimized for Rapid-Kinetics in UV-Visible ( absorbance and fluorescence)

    The MOS-200 spectrometer uses a Xe or Xe(Hg) 150 Watts light source attached to a manual monochromator on an optical bench.

    Detection mode: Absorbance, fluorescence, 90° light scattering
    Single or Dual light source
    Manual or motorized monochromator
    Acquisition rate: 10 µs/point
    Photomultiplier detector

  • MOS-500


    Delivers outstanding performance in wavelength range, sensitivity, precision, speed, and modularity.

    The Circular Dichroism Spectrometer MOS-500 uses an innovative and patented three stage wavelength selection system to bypass the limitation of traditional prism-based monochromators.

    Detection mode: Circular Dichroism, Absorbance, fluorescence, anisotropy, LD, FD/CD
    163-950 nm ( up to 1250 optional)
    Dual light source
    Nitrogen purge only < 195 nm Double grating monochromator +/- 0.1 nm wavelength accuracy Temperature control



    High speed diode array for spectral time resolved acquisition

    The Photodiode array the perfect detector for time resolved spectrum measurements. This spectrometer is intensively used for capturing intermediate of reactions in rapid kinetics.

    Detection mode: absorbance
    256 to 1024 pixels
    Acquisition rate: 400 µs/spectrum

  • Combined Stopped flow/spectrometer

    Combined Stopped flow/spectrometer

    Combining the highest performance and best prices

    We have assembled packages containing our most popular combinations of stopped flow mixers and optical systems,

    We have assembled packages containing our most popular combinations of stopped flow mixers and optical systems.

  • EKKO – The first CD Microplate Reader

    EKKO – The first CD Microplate Reader

    The EKKO™ CD microplate reader is the first well plate reader designed for circular dichroism measurements. It introduces a new fast and economic tool to meet today’s advanced pharmacopeia requirements.

    CD High Throughput Screening
    185-880 nm
    96 wells reading < 2 minutes Thousands of ee values per hour Noise floor : as low as 0,05 mdeg (1s)

  • JTS-150


    Spectrometer for in-vivo photosynthesis studies

    The JTS-150 is a LED pump-probe spectrometer designed for electron transfer studies in photosynthetic organisms via fluorescence and absorbance changes.

    Detection modes : absorbance, fluorescence
    Acquisition rate: 10 µs/point
    Sample holder for leaf, suspensions
    Detection kits