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X-Ray accessory for µSFM

Time Resolved Small Angle X-Ray Scattering (TR-SAXS) has become a popular technique to characterize nanostructures.

The µSFM is the ideal solution for application where the cost of solution is very high or where the volume availability is limited. With 100 µl of stock solutions, you have enough to do 10 shots.


The X-Ray observation head is engineered with a 60° opening to maximize the solid angle so both Small Angle (SAXS) and Wide Angle (WAXS) scattering applications can be covered. A standard Berger Ball mixer is built-in in the X-Ray head.

The x-ray head for µSFM can only accommodate 1,1 mm (OD) capillaries.


X-Ray accessory for µSFM includes:
● Observation head with large opening window,
● Capillary holder (capillaries not supplied)
● Berger Ball mixer,
● FFKM o-ring
Solid angle aperture60°C
10 valuable shots from a 100 µl stock solution
Dead time2 ms
Minimum volume per shot (total)24 µl
Minimum injection volume3 µl
Mixing ratiofrom 1:1 to 1:9
Full solvent compatibility
Temperature range0 to +50°C

For applications where the user needs to simultaneously measure XAFS and absorbance along a longer light path, a customized TC-50 cuvette (5 mm light path) with thinner walls is available. Contact Bio-Logic for details.