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The instrument monitors both the resonant frequency and the resonant resistance which are also reflected on the two analog outputs. It is possible to connect the Quartz Crystal Analyzer (QCA922A) to a Biologic potentiostat using a small optional DB9-8BNC cable (ref: 092-22/1). Please have a look at the Application Note AN#13 – VMP3 and Quartz Crystal Microbalance couplingQCM922A
Catalog No.qca-graphe_150-cmjn
Quartz crystal microbalance 27 MHz kitSE-QCA922A
EQCM 27 MHz main unit with cableSE-QCA922A-00
Male BNC/BNC cable (2 pieces, length 1 m)COR28100
Holder is needed to get
a full QCM or EQCM set-up
static and flow QCA cell092-QCA-FC*
dip cellSE-CL3Electropolymerization by voltage scan
well cellSE-CL4of pyrrol to polypyrrol
transparent well cellSE-CL5
flow cell (90 µL) SE-CL7 is transparentSE-CL6/SE-CL7
Connector from QCA to potentiostat092-22/1
Low flow peristaltic pumpEL-AV-008


Frequency range1 MHz -30 MHz,
resolution 0.1 Hz
Resonant resistance range10-16 Ω,
resolution 0.1 Ω
ΔF Outputfull scale: ± 10 V (12 bit)
± 200 Hz / ± 2 kHz /
± 20 kHz / ± 200 kHz
Resistance Outputfull scale: 0-10 V (11 bit)
1 / 2 / 4 / 8 / 16 kΩ
Gate timevariable (10 ms, 20 ms, 0.1 s, 1.0 s, 10.0 s)
Display40 Digits x 2 rows
InterfaceIEEE-488, RS-232C, USB
Size260 x 88 x 230 mm
Weight3.3 kgFrequency and resistance measurements
Temperature0 – 40 °C
Power consumption100-120 V AC,
230-240 V AC,
50-60 Hz, (15 W)
Catalog No.
Resonators 5 MHz f0 = 5 MHz (calibration at 5 MHz at factory with no charge when purchased)gold electrode (25 pieces)SE-5AUelectrode-or
Resonators 9 MHz

f0 = 9 MHz

standard finishresonatoraluminum electrode (25 pieces)SE-9AL
and lead wiregold electrode (25 pieces)SE-9AU
graphite electrode (25 pieces)SE-9C
cupper electrode (25 pieces)SE-9CUGold electrode
molybdenum electrode (25 pieces)SE-9MOelectrode-platine
nickel electrode (25 pieces)SE-9NI
platinum electrode (25 pieces)SE-9PT
stainless steel (SUS304) electrode (25 pieces)SE-9SS
separatedgold electrode (25 pieces)SE-9AU-S
lead wireplatinum electrode (25 pieces)SE-9PT-S
mirror finishresonatoraluminum electrode (25 pieces)SE-9AL-M
and lead wiregold electrode (25 pieces)SE-9AU-M
gold electrode (20 * 25 pièces)SE-9AU-M2
graphite electrode (25 pieces)SE-9C-M
cupper electrode (25 pieces)SE-9CU-MPlatinum electrode
ITO electrode (25 pieces)SE-9IT-Melectrode-stainless
nickel electrode (25 pieces)SE-9NI-M
platinum electrode (25 pieces)SE-9PT-M
silicon electrode (25 pieces)SE-9SI-M
stainless steel (SUS304) electrode (25 pieces)SE-9SS-M
titanium electrode (25 pieces)SE-9TI-M
separatedgold electrode (25 pieces)SE-9AU-MS
lead wireITO electrode (25 pieces)SE-9IT-MS
platinum electrode (25 pieces)SE-9PT-MS
Stainless steel electrode
Resonators lead wire no sputter (50 pieces)SE- LEAD/2
Resonators 9 MHz, no sputterno lead wire (50 pieces)SE- 9Q/2
mirror finish no lead wire (50 pieces)SE- 9Q-M/2

Surface finishing

Roughness/µmElectrode materials deposition
Standard finish0.6 µmsputtered
Etching finish0.6 µmvacuum deposition
Mirror finish0.06 µmsputtered
Polish finish0.06 µmvacuum deposition

*Compatible with A-002222 et A-002233 as CE et A-012167 as RE.