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Working electrodes

Working electrodes

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To address every application, a wide range of working electrodes (WE) is offered with a diameter going
from 7 µm up to 6 mm and built with different materials.
Catalog No.IsolationTypeODElectrode size
CarbonLGCE glassy carbon electrodeA-012744PEEKlong6 mm3 mm
GCE glassy carbon electrodeA-002417PEEKstandard10 mm5 mm
A-002012PEEKstandard6 mm3 mm
A-012297PEEKstandard6 mm1.6 mm
A-002411PEEKstandard6 mm1 mm
SGCE glassy carbon electrodeA-012298PEEKsmall3 mm1.6 mm
A-002412PEEKsmall3 mm1 mm
MCE micro carbon fiber electrodeA-002002glassmicro4 mm33 µm
A-002007glassmicro4 mm7 µm
Pyrolytic graphite electrodeBasal PlaneA-002252PEEKstandard6 mm3 mm
Edge PlaneA-002253PEEKstandard6 mm3 mm
PFCE carbon electrodeA-002408PEEKstandard6 mm3 mm
A-002409PEEKstandard6 mm1 mm
SPFCE carbon electrodeA-011854PEEKsmall3 mm1 mm
PlatinumPlatinum gauze electrodeA-002250PEEKgauze80 mesh25 x 35 mm
LPTE platinum electrodeA-012745PEEKlong6 mm3 mm
PTE platinum electrodeA-002420PEEKstandard10 mm5 mm
A-002422PEEKstandard6 mm3 mm
A-002013PEEKstandard6 mm1.6 mm
SPTE platinum electrodeA-002313PEEKsmall3 mm1.6 mm
MPTE micro Platinum electrodeA-002009glassmicro4 mm100 µm
A-002003glassmicro4 mm25 µm
A-002015glassmicro4 mm15 µm
A-002005glassmicro4 mm10 µm
GoldGold gauze electrodeA-002251PEEKgauze100 mesh25 x 35 mm
LAUE gold electrodeA-012746PEEKlong6 mm3 mm
AUE gold electrodeA-002418PEEKstandard10 mm5 mm
A-002421PEEKstandard6 mm3 mm
A-002014PEEKstandard6 mm1.6 mm
SAUE gold electrodeA-002314PEEKsmall3 mm1.6 mm
MAUE micro gold electrodeA-002010glassmicro4 mm100 µm
A-002004glassmicro4 mm25 µm
A-002006glassmicro4 mm10 µm
SilverAGE silver electrodeA-002416PEEKstandard10 mm5 mm
A-002419PEEKstandard6 mm3 mm
A-002011PEEKstandard6 mm1.6 mm
SAGE silver electrodeA-002315PEEKsmall3 mm1.6 mm
PalladiumPDE palladium electrodeA-002019PEEKstandard6 mm1.6 mm
SPDE palladium electrodeA-002319PEEKsmall3 mm1.6 mm
NickelNIE nickel electrodeA-002016PEEKstandard6 mm1.5 mm
MNIE micro nickel electrodeA-002273glassmicro4 mm100 µm
CopperCUE copper electrodeA-002017PEEKstandard6 mm1.6 mm
CUE copper electrodeA-012584PEEKstandard6 mm3 mm
MCUE copper electrodeA-002271glassmicro4 mm25 µm
IronFEE iron electrodeA-002018PEEKstandard6 mm1.5 mm
FEE iron electrodeA-012585PEEKstandard6 mm3 mm
Carbon pasteCPE carbon paste electrode hole depth 4 mmA-002210PEEKstandard6 mm3 mm
SCPE carbon paste electrode hole depth 4 mmA-002223PEEKmicro3 mm1.6 mm
CPO carbon paste oil base 1 gA-001010

Working electrodes maintenance

To refresh the surface of the electrode we recommend to polish the electrode after each measurement.working-electrode_maintenance_300-cmjn
Catalog No.
PK-3 electrode polishing kitA-011975
0.05 µm polishing alumina (20 mL)A-001050
1 µm polishing diamond (10 mL)A-002054
Glass plate (1 piece)A-002249
Alumina polishing pad (10 pieces)
Diamond polishing pad (10 pieces)
Replacement item
Alumina polishing pad (20 pieces)A-001040
Diamond polishing pad (20 pieces)A-001041
Emery paper UF800 (20 pieces)A-012611
Coarse polishing pad (20 pieces)A-001042