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Electrochemical cell to be used with SECM


The µTriCell™ allows users to adjust the position of samples without moving or adjusting the scanning head and reduces the volume of electrolyte required for scanning probe electrochemistry experiments.

The µTriCell™ incorporates an extremely flexible sample accommodation platform, designed to take various sample configurations and maintain easy electrical connections.

The µTriCell body contains a PTFE cell body with quartz glass viewing window which allows viewing access for the video microscope system Model VCAM3.

The µTriCell™ is mounted on a support pillar with an M6 fixing screw end. The µTriCell™ can be screwed directly into the M470 optical table or fixed into a baseplate with a standard optical grid. The cell offers the following features:

  • Easy sample access and connection
  • External level adjustment.
  • A wide range of samples (32 mm and non-standard options).
  • Platinum CE and a Ag/AgCl Reference electrode.
  • O-ring seals – Fluoro-elastomer Viton.

The µTriCell™ is supplied as a complete kit consisting of the main µTriCell body, the 32 mm blanks and area reducing blanks, o-rings and connection leads. The µTriCell™ also includes reference electrodes and counter electrode. Replacement spares and consumables for the cell are available.



  • Cell radius 13 mm,
  • cell height 15.5 mm,
  • cell volume 8.9 mL