M470 – ic-SECM



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Version: 1.46

mini-lockerM470 software version history

AN#4 – Post-treatment and optimization of area scan experiments
AN#5 – Introducing the Microscopic Image Rapid Analysis (MIRA) software
AN#6 – Advantages of the intermittent contact SECM : two examples in corrosion
AN#7 – ac-SECM to investigate battery electrode materials in non-aqueous electrolyte
AN#8 – Graphical and analysis tools in M370/M470 software
AN#11 – Measurement of a nano-patterned gold sample by ic-/ac-SECM
AN#12 – 3D Map production using the 3DIsoPlot software
AN#13 – Investigation of an interdigitated array electrode using ic-SECM
AN#14 – Introduction to the Modular Map Experiment: an Interdigitated Array electrode example
AN#15 – Introduction to the USB-PIO: measuring the effect of light on a live leaf
AN#16 – Intermittent Contact (ic) SECM for relief of major topographic features
AN#17 – The use of height tracking SECM to measure mechanically exfoliated graphite