EC-Lab® Express software

EC-lab® Express is the ideal software to start with Electrochemistry. With an easy-to-use straight-forward parameter input window, this unique interface gives a simple overview for the user to create, modify and visualize the experimental setup.

More than 45 techniques with up to 100 sequences can be linked in EC-Lab® Express software.

This software has evolved into a stand-alone, user-friendly basic package with unique features and advanced functionality. The settings and active graph are shown on a single screen view. An experiment selector enables the user to quickly create a setup and switch between techniques easily.

The software allows the user to set data sampling and recording conditions without any limit on the number of data points taken. With EC-Lab® Express, the instrument operates independently from the PC during an experiment, the same as EC-Lab®.

One of the advanced functions of this software is the capability to perform EIS measurements simultaneously on the working and on the counter electrodes.

EC-Lab® Express also offers a specific interface for Bipotentiostat experiments with a simultaneous control and synchronization of the settings on the ring and the disk electrodes.

The data files are also displayed on two graphs in the same window.

Additionally, the acquisition time has been reduced to 1 μs in the CV fast technique for fast scanning experiments using the linear scan generator.

  • Voltammetric techniques: OCV, CV, CA, CP, PDYN, GDYN, LASV, MOD, standard and Fast
  • Impedance spectroscopy: GEIS, PEIS, SGEIS, SPEIS (Mott-Schottky)
  • Pulsed techniques: DPV, SWV, DPA, DNPV, NPV
  • Stack Techniques: Stack PDYN, Stack GDYN, Stack PEIS, Stack GEIS
  • Ohmic drop determination: MIR, PZIR, GZIR
  • Bipotentiostat: CV-CA, CP-CA, CA-CA
  • Corrosion: EVT, LP, GC, CPP, PDP, PSP, ZRA, CASG, CASP, VASP
  • Trigger: TO, TI, TOS, loop
  • Multiplexer: MUX

EC-Lab Express demo/freeware v5.53

EC-Lab Express

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