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SP-300 + M470

A winning combination


Bio-Logic is pleased to announce that the M470 is now compatible with SP-300 potentiostat / galvanostat / FRA.

The M470 now supports the SP-300, the highest performing bi-channel potentiostat/galvanostat available on the market today. The original 3300 system (which can be integrated into the M470 chassis) is still an available option as well.

Selecting the SP-300 option offers further dc current measurement sensitivity and increased EIS bandwidth. Current SP-300 owners have the option of purchasing the M470 system with a hardware interface to connect their existing system.

The SP-300 hardware interface module plugs directly into the M470 modular chassis and provides all the required connections to interface the analog signals and control functionality required by the system.

To facilitate mounting of the SP-300 low current amplifiers locally to the scanning probe cell connections, adjustable stands and brackets are provided which mount directly to the M470 base plate.

The required SP-300 configuration is one or two channel boards with impedance ability and ultra low current options.

In addition to the SP-300, the SP-200 (for applications needing only one channel), and VSP-300/VMP-300 are also compatible, provided the EIS capability and ULC options are available.”