• Up to 5 independant channels
  • Compliance: 20 V range adjustable from [-20;0] V to [0;+20] V
  • Current ranging from 10 μA up to 1 A
  • Current resolution: 760 pA
  • Low current: 4 ranges 1 μA to 1 nA with a resolution of 76 fA
  • Control voltage: 20 V adjustable
  • Resolution: 5 μV
  • EIS measurement from 10 µHz to 1 MHz
  • Acquisition time: 20 μs
  • Control software: EC-Lab® & EC-Lab® Express
  • Simultaneous EIS measurement on WE and CE electrodes
  • N’Stat mode to perform experiments with several working electrodes
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Ultimate Electrochemical Workstation

The VSP is a research grade potentiostat system in a 5-channel modular chassis. This allows the VSP to add additional capability in the way of plug-in “modules”.

These modules provide EIS capability (included on the potentiostat board), low current measurement (uses 1 additional slot), 4 A current booster (two slots) and additional potentiostat channels (each one takes one slot).

The internal 4A option takes two slots in the VSP chassis and requires a potentiostat board to be used with it. External boosters from 2 A up to 100 A can be used with each channel in the VSP.

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  • VSP-300

    Channel: bipot/multi
    Min current dynamic: +/-100 pA
    Min with LC/ULC option: +/-100 fA
    Max current dynamic: +/-500 mA
    Max with current booster option: +/-40 A
    Voltage range: -10 V to +10 V
    with option: -48V to +48V
    EIS: up to 7 MHz

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  • VMP3

    Channel: bipot/multi
    Min current dynamic: +/-20 nA
    Min with LC/ULC option: +/-2 pA
    Max current dynamic: +/-400 mA
    Max with current booster option: +/-100 A
    Voltage range: -20 V to +20 V
    EIS: up to 1 MHz

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  • Dilatometer

    The dilatometer is particularly developed for the investigation of Li-ion battery and other insertion-type electrodes

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  • Big volume cell vials

    EL-A-001 EL-A-002 EL-C-002 EL-C-001 Catalog No. Volume OD ID Height Qty Purpose sample vial EL-A-001 80 mL 90 mm 62 mm 80 mm 1 EL-ELECTRO-1 EL-C-001 1000 mL 120 mm 90 mm 175 mm 1 EL-CORR-1 water jacketed-glass vial EL-A-002 80 mL 90 mm 62 mm 85 mm 1 EL-ELECTRO-2 EL-C-002 1000 mL 120 mm […]

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