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Bio-Logic distributes the first CD microplate reader on the market

Hinds Instruments names Bio-Logic Science Instruments Exclusive Worldwide Distributor for new CD MicroPlate Reader product Hinds develops circular dichroism instrument for high throughput screening of chiral pharmaceuticals and strikes distribution deal with Bio-Logic Science Instruments. Hillsboro, Oregon, July 20, 2017 – Hinds Instruments, a leading global supplier of photoelastic modulators (PEMs) and PEM-based instrumentation, and […]

SECM150 – Scanning Electrochemical Microscope

Bio-Logic is proud to introduce the new compact and powerful Scanning Electrochemical Microscope – the SECM150. Discover our new product in less than 2 minutes.

EC-Lab® software V11.10

Download the new version of EC-Lab software   (On the web January 26, 2017)

BT-Lab® software V1.5x

Download the new version of BT-Lab software   (On the web February 24, 2017)

µSFM introduction video

Watch the µSFM introduction video and discover all benefits it can bring to your lab. This is the first micro-volume stopped-flow system on the market! It is designed to reduce sample consumption per shot, meaning that 100 µl is all you need to collect 10 valuable shots! Read more about the µSFM or Contact us!

FlexP 0160

Bio-Logic is proud to introduce The FlexP 0160:  our new High Power Booster for VMP3 Instruments   Read More  


Bio-Logic is proud to introduce The µSFM:  our new micro-volume stopped-flow. 100 μl is all you need… for 10 valuable shots! Read More

New website

Discover our new website and its functionalities.

New application note

Cycling battery with reference electrode by using the PAT-cell test cell (On the web July 21, 2016)

New application note

Intermittent Contact (ic) SECM for relief of major topographic features (On the web July 20, 2016)

EC-Lab software V11.02

(On the web July 8, 2016)

New M370 and M470 software versions

Now compatible with Windows 10 (on the web July 5, 2016)

MT-Lab software V1.20

(On the web July 1, 2016)

BT-Lab® software V1.32

(On the web June 21, 2016)

New application note

MOS-500 – Changing the way to do Circular Dichroism

New application note

Introduction to the USB-PIO: measuring the effect of light on a live leaf (on the web May 18, 2016)

New application note

Introduction to the Modular Map Experiment: an Interdigitated Array electrode example (on the web May 18, 2016)

New application note

Differential Coulometry Spectroscopy (DCS) (on the web May 17, 2016)

New Temperature Unit

Compact design. From -35 °C to +150 °C

New technical note

Climate Chamber control with EXTAPP (on the web March 30, 2016)

New external booster

The unmatched combination of power and speed

M470 software V1.25

(On the web March 17, 2016)

New Video for technical support

How to use HTSH-1100 ? (On the web February 23, 2016)


Sensitive and full featured (on the web February 22, 2016)

New technical note

Determining the probe diameter and RG ratio in an SECM experiment. (on the web January 19, 2016)

EC-Lab® OEM Development package V5.38

(On the web January 11, 2016)

New technical note

Influence of the current range on the response time of a potentiostat (on the web December 18, 2015)

Windows 10 compatible

Bio-kine V4.74 is now compatible with Windows 10

New Video for technical support

Assembly and connection of M470 XYZ scanning bench.

New technical note

The application of Gwyddion imaging software to M370/M470 results (on the web November 20, 2015)

New application note

3D Map production using the 3DIsoPlot software (on the web November 20, 2015)

New technical note

Urban profile import (txt file) (On the web November 18, 2015)

Videos for technical support

Computer to Instrument (USB & ethernet) & VMP3 Cell connections

Windows 10 compatible

EC-Lab® V10.44 is compatible with Windows® 10.

A winning combination

The M470 scanning electrochemical workstation  is now compatible with the SP-300 potentiostat / galvanostat / FRA.

M470 software V1.21

(On the web October 12, 2015)

MT-Lab® software V1.13

(On the web September 30, 2015)

Distributed and mixed impedances

New chapter in the Handbook of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (on the web September 25, 2015)

EC-Lab® V10.44

(On the web September 08, 2015)

Accessories catalog updated

(On the web September 07, 2015)

MIRA software update

(On the web September 07, 2015)

New application notes

AN#10 dc- and ac-SECM Measurements on Si Nanowire Arrays & AN#11 Measurement of a nano-patterned gold sample by ic-ac-SECM (On the Web August 12, 2015)

150 μm SKP probe: description, advantage and user’s guidelines

New technical note (On the Web July 27, 2015)

New SKP Probe

New Scanning Kelvin Probe available with 150 µm resolution.

Scanning Vibrating Electrode Technique: factors affecting the measurement

New technical note (On the Web July 27, 2015)

Instruments catalog updated

(On the web July 22, 2015)

Interpretation problems of impedance measurements made on time variant systems

New application note (On the Web July 20, 2015)

MOS-500 Exciton Coupled Circular Dichroism

New application note (On the Web July 17, 2015)