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CC8 current collector

CC8 current collector for putting 8 channels of VSP-300 / VMP-300, BCS-815 in parallel to get high currents


The CC8 is used to collect the current delivered by up to eight channels configured in parallel and provide it to a single cell. Up to 120 A can be handled by the CC8.

This accessory simplifies the connection of the 8 channel cell cables into one box. Only two power cables and two sense cables are connected to the battery instead of 16 power cables and 16 sense cables.


This CC8 current collector is constructed of stainless steel.  Dimensions are 300x90x65 mm (LxDxH). This box has banana plugs on the top:

–          8 red 4 mm bananas for the Power+
–          8 blue 4 mm bananas for the Power–
–          8 red 2 mm bananas for the Sense+
–          8 blue 2 mm bananas for the Sense–

The 4 mm banana plugs are used for the current flow while the 2 mm banana plugs are for the voltage measurement.

On the front panel, there are plugs to connect the CC8 to the cell. Two 6 mm banana plugs (blue and red) for the power wires and two 2 mm banana plugs for sense wires are available.

Catalog No.Description
CC8096-015CC8 Current collector (8 channels)  up to 120 A
CC8096-015/1CC8 Current collector (8 channels)  up to 120 A no cell cables no tray


BCS CC8 cableThe CC8 can be placed close to the BCS-815 using short cables. For ease of use, the CC8 is delivered with the battery tray accessory (096-012) and can be screwed on it. The four feet of the CC8 can be removed allowing the CC8 to be secured on the holder.

The CC8 can also be used with longer cables (2.5 meter). In this case the battery tray would not be needed.

The CC8 current collector is designed foremost for the BCS-815. However, it also can be used with a VSP-300/VMP-300 to connect several booster boards (up to 8 with a VMP-300) to reach up to 80 A. The boosters are connected in the same way as the BCS-815 channels. Similarly, since a VMP-300 can accommodate up to 15 boosters of 10 A, two CC8 can be used in parallel to connect 8 boosters and 7 boosters, respectively,  to the cell.